Texas Driver License and Motor Vehicle Records

Search Texas motor vehicle registration records and driver license data with industry permitted use. Quickly verify information on people, motor vehicles, driver licenses and property addresses. Data is updated every two weeks to bring you an extremely accurate verification tool. This database is only available to permitted users according to State of Texas law, and cannot be used for marketing purposes.

Pricing and Availability

Residential and Commercial Property Tax Data and Lead Lists

Property tax data for all major metropolitan areas of Texas in a user-friendly, sophisticated online format. The powerful search capabilities will allow you to quickly search millions of records and find exactly what you're looking for. Unlimited database searches, thousands of monthly downloads, and expert customer service. Lead lists can also be purchased one a one-time basis without a subscription.

Pricing and Availability

Auto Lead Lists

Auto leads lists targeted by ZIP code will also include detailed household demographic and vehicle data. Vehicle specific lists are available nationwide. All leads are multi-sourced from verified consumer transactions and valid for marketing purposes.

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